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Ieškau Vyras Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos Klaipėda hohmata

Jau Lietuvoje.

hohmata, 63 metai, Klaipėda

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Ieškau Vyras Susirašinėjimas The Colony i5lnaytj7l

i don, t have more to say, i only grantee to chart just all

i5lnaytj7l, 29 metai, The Colony


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Ieškau Vyras Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos Oslo lovelyfiona

To best describe myself I'd say that I am a person with an intense passion for life. I try and live each day with the understanding that each moment is too precious. My friends would describe me as honest, funny, sarcastic, generous and loyal. This is the first time I have ever tried anything of...

lovelyfiona, 41 metai, Oslo

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Ieškau Vyras Trumpalaikis ryšys Umm Durmān d2g4aytx0s

Am a lonely angel, honest, love, care, social, open minded person

d2g4aytx0s, 30 metų, Umm Durmān

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... ...

gretuxia, 31 metai, Kaunas

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Ieškau Vyras Santykių tipas: Nesvarbu Stavanger password1


password1, 72 metai, Stavanger

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